Conference Information

7th International Self-Determination Theory Conference

near Amsterdam on the North Sea coast of HollandJoin us for THE most significant program on motivation…and it only happens every 3 years!

Offering insightful and inspiring presentations and working sessions from leading motivational experts and scholars, including Edward Deci and Richard Ryan, creators of the leading scientific theory of motivation in the world – Self-Determination Theory.

Researched and practiced by thousands of scholars around the world, SDT is concerned with motivating individuals, teams, and organizations from within. SDT has applications for:

  • Business Organizations,
  • Education,
  • Sports and Exercise,
  • Healthcare and Wellbeing,
  • Relationships,
  • Psychology, Psychotherapy, Psychopathology,
  • Goals, and
  • Environment.

If you want to know how to optimize intrinsic motivation and engagement of your employees, students, teachers, team and sports members, health professionals and patients, and members of society, you have a lot to gain from this conference.

The world-renowned founders and all key SDT faculty will be speaking at this conference.

We are pleased to say that this conference will be a green conference.

Conference Themes

Day 1: Recent theoretical developments in SDT
Day 2: Science of SDT
Day 3: Applications of SDT: Applied day
Day 4: Future directions in SDT

The conference will start and end with plenary sessions by the founders of SDT, Richard Ryan & Edward Deci.